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The founder of the foundation is Nirmal B C. We are serving people from 1994. Thousands of people have benefited out of our services.

Our award of thanks to all who are supporting us to spread this knowledge, particularly, Mrs.Sheela Venkatakrishnan, without her support it might had very difficult to reach this stage as on today. To know more about her please visit

Nirmal is Registered medical practitioner in alternative system of medicine. His   registration No. IBAM/RMP A - 1964 at Calcutta..

He has received training from many organizations since 1980 on health care, behavioral science, yoga and many healing methods like grand mastership training in Reiki, Yoga, Nature cure, hypnotism, pulse diagnosis, transcendental meditation, transactional analyses, Bhramakumari meditations, Sahaj marg meditation, Bhava shamadhi meditation, shaj samadhi meditation, kaya kalpam, Teacher training in art of living foundation, Gayathri mantra and Jain philosophies.

He conducts courses in English, Hindi, Tamil, Rajasthani.

He has conducted course on Art of living and Athma gyana yoga and for many Educational institutions like IIT MADRAS, PADMA SHESADHARI, KCP, and BAMBINO SCHOOLS IN CHENNAI,, Medical institutions LIKE RAMAIA NURSING HOME, CHENNAI,, Financial institutions [BANKS] LIKE SBI, BOB, CUB, and Business Institutions LIKE TVS, CUMI, ENFIELD, MASTEK, BLUE SHIFT INDIA LIMITED.

    He is in the news in few magazines and he is delivered many    invitational/introductions lectures in many establishments and industries LIKE FASOD CECRI, L&T, INDIAN BANK, CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.

   He is also has interest into Numerology, Palmistry, Astrology, Philosophy, Psychology    and Behavioral sciences.


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