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Among various self-healing methodologies we, at ARHAMM, focus on energy healing programs for Health + Attitude Management. We offer:

 Counseling : for their psychological and vasthu problems,

Drugless treatment : for all types of chronic pains and diseases, &

Training programs : on Reiki, Acupressure, Yogasana, Pranayama, Meditation.

Many, tailor-made programs for specific groups and for children are also been conducted by us. We have also conducted religion-oriented programs for Gayathri parivar and Jain organizations. We are, now working on formulating a composite 21 and 41 days program. We reach where the need is. A place and a maximum of 16 people is the basic requirement of our camps. We have conducted programs in many part of Tamil Nadu, Like Chennai, Madurai, Karaikudi, Karaikal, Nagapattinam ,  Ban galore and Sri Lanka.

It is a non-religious foundation. No cast, belief or rituals is been adopted. It is open to all. You can organize introductory programs in you family or in you organizations. If you feel satisfied then only you can enroll you name for the course.

Treatment is available at 2 clinics in Chennai, by prior appointment. In some cases, house visits are made and for all the cases distance healing is made available.

For ARHAMM’S Health + Attitude Management [treatment and training] camps on Energy Healing



Nirmal B C 
DR/IBAM/RMP A - 1964 Calcutta
Post Box No.- 7111 ,
Post: 28/41, Andiappan Street,
Choolai, Chennai, 600 112.
Tamil Nadu, India.

Pager: 91-044-9610 120 650

 See you on our next “Free Introductory” Camp.
Join us to grow beyond on a reverse journey from intelligence to innocence.

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