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Heal yourself and others


This course is based on yoga.

The whole universe is made up of the five Great energies called panch booth. These energies are earth, water, fire, air and ether. Man is also made up of these five basic elements. Each of these elements manifests as different energies in us.

As darkness means lack of sufficient light, similarly dis ease means lack of sufficient energy.

By Actualizing, Balancing, Conserving, Directing and Enhancing [ABCDE energy concept] these panch booth energy results in good health, happiness and wealth respectively, forms the basic objective of the program. It is a fundamental for all the system of medicines and therapies to understand this truth for healthy living and offer permanent cure for problems, pains and diseases.

In this program Simple techniques of yogic breathing, Relaxation technique and Meditation are taught.

Healthy food habits and attitudes to life are discussed.


Universal life force energy- that is the meaning of the Japanese word Reiki.

 Channeling this spiritual energy is taught in this program. This technique uses hands to bring about an energy transfer to the needy organ and thus promotes its healing.

 After undergoing the higher-level programs we can do the distance healing too.

 Each of us has at some time or other in our lives has   reached out to touch others, and ourselves when we are in pain. This simple act backed by the selfless intention to be available to support healing is the strong foundation for this form of energy work.

Realization of this power and its effect in our well being is the basis of this course to become whole, complete and perfect.

 This program deals with principles of REIKI, attunement, healing self and others and absentee healing[distance healing]


It is a Chinese technique. There are key points on the ears, palms and the soles of the feet, which correspond to the various organs of the body. Applying acute pressure on these tender points by fingers, harmonizes the energy flowing to the corresponding organ and promotes its functioning.

This program deals with anatomy, physiological functions, endocrine systems, diagnosis and treatment [healing yourself and others].

A simple, but effective diagnosis and treatment can be performed within a matter of minutes, reliving discomfort of perhaps, years.

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