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Lucas TVS Limited
FIE Division

     TRG VENKAT RAMANA: The following disease has come down Constipation,
fever, fatigue, body pain & sinusitis.

K LOURDHU RAJ: feel healthy & energetic. Keeps away disease like cold, fever & throat infection. Memory power increased Feelings like guilt & anger reduced

M NAGALINGAM: Free from disease like, loose motion & body pain, overcome nervousness & sweating due to fear

      A SRINIVASA RAO: headache & blood pressure have come down. I am Able to
     express my self freely now.

M SIVARAMAN: Anger has come down Headache eliminated Understands others weakness

P PREM KUMAR: Reduction of Anger & Ulcer Elimination of Constipation, Headache, depression & Nervousness.

E KUMAR: After practicing breathing exercise I am benefited as follows. No frequent headache. No acidity No constipation

      R RAJAN: After breathing exercise anger has come down.

      V RAMKUMAR: Breathing exercise drastically reduced my Asthma problem.
     No change in anger .





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