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I am the medical service in charge for my workmen. A three-week’s program by Mr.Nirmaljee was organised for my workmen. When the program ended it will be a usual feed back of ‘garlands’. I decided to take a feed back from the same group after a time frame of three weeks.

I was surprised to know that the same group meets by it self every Friday and does a combined prayer and practise. And they are continuing their regular practice at home.

I am herewith giving a statistics of what our employees felt.........

Change in body: 1) weight reduced 2) briskness 3) freshness 4) stomach is lighter 5) tension reduced  6) body heat reduced  7) sweating reduced

Change in mind: 1) happy 2) treating equally 3) peace full  4) anger reduced 5) relaxed 6) ego reduced

Diseases reduced: 1) back pain gone 2) relief from cold   3) free motion   4) digestion improved 5) nervousness reduced 6) no headache.

Change in habits: 1) positive food habits 2) wake up early  3) behave well 4) behave sweetly& softly 5) stopped tea / coffee 6) stopped alcohol 7) more water intake

Change in food: 1) good appetite 2) vegetarian food 3) diet reduced   4) natural diet

Change in sleep: 1) deep sleep 2) deep rest 3) wake up fresh

Change in home relation: 1) closeness 2) better co-operation  3)  better understanding  4) more affectionate

Workplace relation : 1) more involvement 2) work skill fully 3) more committed  4)more interest 5) confidence 6) more focused 7) more responsible.

Course opinion : 1)still to learn 2) need advance course 3) useful course 

Thanks to Mr. Nirmaljee.