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Dr.Jayachandran ,M.B.B.S.,F.C.C.P.,D.I.H.DIP.CARD.,

I am 43 yrs old and a practicing industrial physician. Though my job is not too strenuous it had it’s own demands.

I was suffering from hypertension.

My occupational category is a stressful one by nature. At the peak of my career on Nov 6th, 99 I had a heart attack much to the agony of my family. My children were in their prime time and from Nov 99 to Feb.’ 00 everything that happened me was you call it fate or anything else. To add up to my mystery my family broke up and the children were left with my care and affection only all this at a time when I myself needed a lot of love and care from my life partner. One son was in plus two and the other one a girl just nearing age. With this stress, all following one after other please imagine my mental and physical status.

It is then, when I lost all faith on myself, others and even god I came across
Nirmal B C
now called nirmaljee by me was introduced to me by a well wishing doctor friend of mine. After listening to me without making a judgement on what I am or commenting on my past deeds he started conversations with me that made me automatically realise that I personally lacked self esteem, love for myself. The problems I had were all basically due to my not realising that I am a person who should do anything in life based on the driving principle of ‘service’ in me. If any act or decision to be taken I should only ask myself if that act will be of any service to me or to others. I am not to take any decision without clarifying myself on this. This he didn’t push it on me or lectured me but by a very passive interaction, Yoga, Reiki and transitional analysis I myself got this answer.

Ever since I started doing this my personality itself made a big difference, in turn infusing confidence, purpose of actions, faith and all such qualities that make you a person ‘here and now’. I owe my gratitude to him. But what he needs is a universal love from every one he teaches. Ultimately I want to become a member of his ‘ARHAMM ‘movement, which in the long run will make the whole world a worthy place to live for one and all.  We need not expect the world to end or wish for ‘vishnu avathar’ to end this ‘kaliyugam’. May all live in peace?

I am the medical service in charge for my workmen. A three-week’s program by Mr.Nirmaljee was organised for my workmen. When the program ended it will be a usual feed back of ‘garlands’. I decided to take a feed back from the same group after a time frame of three weeks.

I was surprised to know that the same group meets by it self every Friday and does a combined prayer and practise. And they are continuing their regular practice at home.

I am herewith giving a statistics of my questionnaire and thus our employees felt.........

Change in body: 1) weight reduced 2) briskness 3) freshness 4) stomach is lighter 5) tension reduced  6) body heat reduced  7) sweating reduced

Change in mind: 1) happy 2 treating equally 3) peace full  4) anger reduced 5) relaxed 6) ego reduced

Diseases reduced: 1) back pain gone 2) relief from cold   3) free motion   4) digestion improved 5) nervousness reduced 6) no headache.

Change in habits: 1) positive food habits 2) wake up early  3) behave well 4) behave sweetly& softly 5) stopped tea / coffee 6) stopped alcohol 7) more water intake

Change in food: 1) good appetite 2) vegetarian food 3) diet reduced   4) natural diet

Change in sleep: 1) deep sleep 2) deep rest 3) wake up fresh

Change in home relation: 1) closeness 2) better co-operation  3)  better understanding  4) more affectionate

Workplace relation : 1) more involvement 2) work skill fully 3) more committed  4)more interest 5) confidence 6) more focused 7) more responsible.

Course opinion : 1)still to learn 2) need advance course 3) useful course 

Thanks to Mr. Nirmaljee.






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